How to care for Conservatories

If you invest in something, you’ll want to ensure it is maintained and preserved to its full potential for your enjoyment, a conservatory is no different. A little bit of simple maintenance can ensure that your conservatory is at its very best for your enjoyment for years to come.

So, what are the issues that can come about in a conservatory?


It is not possible to completely get rid of condensation, however it is possible to minimise it and new conservatories require a drying out period before they are completely free to use. This is down to the fact that thousands of litres of water is used in their construction. For example, concrete and plaster all require water.Caring for Conservatories

Natural ventilation is a great way to eliminate these issues and limit condensation. Open windows and doors and ensure trickle vents in the ridge and eaves are open, as is the roof vent. This greatly limits the incidence of condensation. Heating is also a great way to limit this issue and by making sure that there is some heat during cooler conditions and under windows.


Conservatories have numerous locks and handles. To ensure they are at their best, lubricate them with oil, petroleum jelly or otherwise. Sealing gaps with mastic seal and ensuring brass work is lacquered is also important and prevents issues with your conservatory in the long term. This may take a little time and work, but will pay off in the long term.


Ensuring that your glazing is clean and cared for is also of major importance. Most of a conservatory is made of glass and so requires a lot cleaning not just the glazing, but also the conservatory frame. Use appropriate cleaners when doing this and make sure that all dirt and grime is broken down and washed away. Some glasses are self-cleaning and will aid this themselves – this feature is activated by UV light.

Of course, lint free cloths, nonabrasive materials and apt cleaning products also make all the difference here and ensure that your home is kept at its best. Avoid the use of products with bleach, white spirits or any other materials that may be considered abrasive.
Soft water and a soft cloth is probably best for use with windows of both the self-cleaning and the leaded glass variety. Single, double glazed and self-cleaning glass can all be cleaned with a moderate amount of work and so maintained easily.


Many people also add blinds to their conservatories. These blinds provide privacy and shade from direct sunlight. However, they also need a little bit of care.

Installation of blinds needs to be completed by a professional company who know what they are doing. Good installers avoid issues and will liaise with your conservatory company to ensure that your blinds work well and are designed with your conservatory in mind.

This is one of the best ways to ensure they are easy to maintain and your conservatory looks the part for years to come and you can find many excellent options here:

Maintaining and Caring for Conservatories